• Videos: Getting to Know U.S. Dairy

    By Vikki Nicholson-West December 7, 2017

    The United States is equipped with resources and commitment to deliver high-quality dairy ingredients worldwide. Three new videos highlight ways in which U.S. Dairy offers a lasting and dependable partner for foodservice and food developers:

    A secure-supply of nutrition and functional needs

    Need a trusted dairy supplier for year-round goodness that can grow with your business needs? The United States provides a secure-supply of U.S. dairy ingredients to global customers. See how this commitment is possible:

    A partner that is motivated to expand its portfolio

    The U.S. Dairy portfolio is diverse with broad options for dairy ingredients. The constantly growing portfolio ensures consumer-inspired innovation and product improvements never expire. Learn about partnering with the U.S.:

    An opportunity to support innovation

    The U.S. dairy industry’s ambitious research programs, extensive knowledge base and commitment to sustainability help you leverage U.S. dairy strengths. Watch to see how you can grow with U.S. Dairy:

    For resources in six different languages, visit our microsites: SpanishPortuguese; Vietnamese; Korean; Chinese; and Arabic.  

    Click here to find a U.S. dairy supplier.

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