• The Advantages of U.S. Dairy: Customer-Focused Partnerships

    By USDEC Staff April 28, 2017

    USDEC  0033.jpgThe first in a three-part series on the advantages of U.S. dairy, this piece will touch on customer-focused partnerships. The U.S. dairy industry is committed to meeting unique customer needs by fostering and growing partnerships with industry-leading experts and providing resources worldwide. Combining a range of connections, U.S. Dairy offers insights, research, expertise, ingredients and products needed to help its customers stay competitive in the food and beverage market.

    An Industry of Reliable, Supportive Suppliers  

    The vast network of U.S. dairy suppliers offers ingredients whose different functionalities and qualities can provide formulation solutions to customers around the world. The country's manufacturing facilities ― from the largest food production operations in the world to boutique facilities for hand-crafted specialty items ― follow strict food safety procedures to create an incredible variety of wholesome, quality dairy products and ingredients. U.S. suppliers have created a product portfolio that continues to follow the latest consumer consumption habits to help create on-trend products.

    Support Through Strong Collaborations

    The strength of U.S. Dairy is not only dependent on its variety of suppliers and products. Supporting connections with academic, government and commercial partners help drive research collaboration, innovation and development of dairy-containing foods and beverages. The consumer-driven research is passed onto customers for active implementation. Over the past few years, the U.S. dairy industry invested millions on quality and performance improvement research.  

    Staff That Spans Across the Globe for Local Support

    USDEC has an extensive network of staff and representatives around the world, from Asia to the Middle East and North Africa as well as Latin America and the United States, to support the dairy needs of customers and consumers on a global scale. USDEC is eager to partner with customers to deliver high-quality products that are customizable to the region they are serving.  

    The U.S dairy industry continues to build and strengthen its partnerships to provide constant updates and resources at ThinkUSAdairy.org. Check back for part two of the advantages of the U.S. dairy industry, and learn how a secure supply will help support current and future dairy demands.

    Part 2
    Part 3

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