• International Whey Conference Spotlights Wide World of Innovation Potential

    October 6, 2022 by USDEC Staff

    International whey processors, researchers, and product developers united with leading nutrition, food, and beverage subject matter experts at the 2022 International Whey Conference (IWC). Held in Chicago from September 11-14, discussions were focused on the bright and innovative future of whey.

    From new scientific research and market developments likely to impact the future state of the whey industry, to growing global opportunities for whey ingredient applications, the biennial conference was abuzz with information, trends, and ideas. Many presentations put a spotlight on dairy’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its progress towards greenhouse gas neutrality. Researchers shared how the science on whey ingredient health benefits has expanded beyond protein and muscle health to include lipids, carbohydrates, and metabolic health. Innovative technologies were introduced that further advance the processing and functionality of whey for product development.

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