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    As director of export marketing programs, I work to enhance the profile of the U.S. dairy industry and U.S. dairy products on the world stage. In collaboration with USDEC’s overseas office network, I manage a variety of initiatives―trade missions, trade shows, seminars, consultations, contests―aimed at building confidence in and preference for U.S. dairy.
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  • U.S. Cheesemakers Create Flavors for Worldly Consumers

    September 14, 2017 by Amy Foor

    Cheese is the ultimate flavor carrier. The four simple ingredients in cheese — milk, salt, starter culture (good bacteria) and rennet (an enzyme) — make the perfect landscape for countless flavor profiles. One small addition to the formulation and a new cheese is born. This creative ability is used by U.S. cheesemakers to produce more than 600 cheese varieties ranging from soft, fresh options all the way to hard, aged varieties. Food and beverage professionals worldwide are experimenting with these new cheese products to naturally meet diverse consumer tastes.

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  • Chefs visit U.S. and explore the endless possibilities for U.S. cheese

    September 25, 2015 by Amy Foor

    Across the world, chefs are looking for new and innovative ingredients to help set their culinary creations apart. A visit by professional bakery and pastry chefs to the United States showcased how U.S cheeses and raisins can be incorporated into culinary applications to create delicious products that their customers will enjoy.

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