• The Advantages of U.S. Dairy: Accelerating Customers’ Growth

    By USDEC Staff December 1, 2017

    All US Dairy_Wood Background_Vertical.jpgThe final in a three-part series on the advantages of U.S. dairy, we’re going to explore accelerating growth. The expansion of food technology is giving the U.S. dairy industry new ways to extract ingredients from milk to help deliver products consumers will love. Our dynamic network of suppliers have the variety to provide customers with a broad choice of products, processes and delivery capabilities that fit their business goals.

    Expanding innovative solutions

    The United States has a proven record of providing a continuous global supply of high-quality dairy ingredients. Secure access to dairy ingredients, as well as new technology, is helping our customer-led food and beverage innovation. Aside from expansion within traditional dairy ingredients, technology is helping to discover new options. Micellar casein concentrate (MCC), for example, was found through microfiltration technology. MCC has qualities that make it important to the U.S. dairy portfolio such as unique protein profiles and a rare set of functional benefits: wetting, dispersibility, heat stability at a neutral pH and solubility. Native whey and permeate serum also are a result of microfiltration.

    U.S. dairy suppliers offer a wide variety of ingredients to help customers surpass challenges and meet consumer needs. To ensure every ingredient in the U.S. dairy portfolio is produced safely, the U.S. dairy industry follows strict regulatory guidelines.

    Expanding our industry’s business acumen

    The U.S. dairy industry has the expertise to help accelerate the growth of its customers’ businesses. Through its network, the industry harnesses business building knowledge and experience. ThinkUSAdairy.org is one way that knowledge it shared publicly through free access of industry knowledge and tools to help construct nutritious and delicious products using U.S. dairy ingredients. A display of technical reports, blog posts, brochures and videos can be found on the site.

    Part 1
    Part 2

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