• The Advantages of U.S. Dairy: A Secure Dairy Supply

    By Terri Rexroat July 21, 2017

    thumbnail_Stylized All US Dairy.jpgThe second in a three-part series on the advantages of U.S. dairy, this piece will explore the importance of a secure dairy supply. The world population is expanding and so are certain nutrition needs — this is where secure supply can help. The U.S. dairy industry is supporting this growth in demand by offering customers a consistent year-round supply of tasty nourishing and functional dairy ingredients.

    Abundant resources, continuous production, rigorous quality assurance and modern farming practices are at the core of what the U.S. can offer dairy users. Read on to learn why the U.S. is your trusted dairy supplier.

    Vast Resources Can Feed Growing Global Appetites

    Aside from being the number one global leader in milk production, with 96.4 million metric tons of milk in 20161, the U.S. also is the world's largest cheese, skim milk powder, lactose and whey ingredients producer. The U.S. market also has products on the rise, including milk proteins, permeate, butter and yogurt. This gives the U.S. opportunities to invest in ongoing research and processing capabilities to evolve its product portfolio. Many offerings are now available in a wide range of protein levels, mineral content and functional properties to suit aspiring nutrition levels.

    Modern Farming Practices Allow Year-Round Supply

    U.S. dairy farmers take detailed care of the health, nutrition and treatment of their cattle and land to produce a year-round supply of wholesome, high quality milk. In addition, the landscape, varied climate, seasonal temperatures and nutrient-rich fields make for an optimal backdrop to create a continuous batch of milk products and ingredients. U.S. dairy farmers operate in all 50 states which helps mitigate regional weather disruptions.

    Highly-tested and Regulated Food Systems

    The U.S. Dairy industry is committed to rigorous quality assurance and is focused on operational and sustainability improvements across the supply chain. The highly-tested and regulated food system in the U.S. ensures safety requirements are met and overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), state and local government and agricultural departments. To deliver the finest products and ingredients to customers worldwide, they are tested at multiple critical junctures and only products that meet these standards are delivered to customers.

    The continuous growth trend of U.S. milk production ensures customers a reliable, long-term source of world-class dairy products. With modern, constantly-updated farming practices and strong regulations to insure product safety and integrity, customers can rely on the U.S. dairy industry for years to come. Check back for part three of the advantages of the U.S. dairy industry, and learn how the growth of the U.S. dairy industry helps its customers succeed.

    Part 1
    Part 3

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