• Infographic Helps Consumers Understand Importance of Protein with Aging

    By USDEC Staff November 19, 2015

    protein-muscle-mass.jpgA new consumer infographic from the National Dairy Council (NDC) underscores the importance of high-quality protein to help maintain muscle mass with age. This resource also provides tips for easily incorporating U.S. whey protein into everyday foods and beverages.

    Consumers may not realize that after the age of 30, they risk losing 3-8% of muscle each decade, which is equivalent to about 4-10 pounds of muscle. A protein-filled diet paired with regular resistance exercise will reduce this risk. The “Make a Plan for Protein” infographic gives a step-by-step guide to understanding the recommended level of protein intake, the related benefits of whey protein and strategies for including U.S. whey protein to aid in healthier aging.

    For more consumer tips on incorporating high-quality dairy proteins, check out another NDC infographic called “Think Outside the Blender with Dairy.”

    Visit the ThinkUSAdairy.org Resources & Insights page for more materials and application resources using U.S. dairy proteins.

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