• Infographic Features Consumer Tips on DairyProteins

    By USDEC Staff October 22, 2015

    The National Dairy Council has created a new consumer-friendly infographic on the benefits of three dairy proteins (WPC, WPI and MCC) alongside tips on easily adding them to popular food and beverages. Access, learn more and share this powerful new consumer education tool.

    Visual aids, such as infographics, are effective and eye-catching educational tools succinctly delivering complex information in a consumer-friendly way.  

    The new infographic, “Think Outside the Blender with Dairy Protein,” provides a simple explanation on three valuable dairy proteins (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and micellar casein concentrate), their benefits and what food and beverages they can be mixed with or what ingredients they can be substituted for. These dairy proteins are convenient and versatile, enabling the development of new, creative products to match a variety of consumer lifestyles.

    Check it out here and see how incorporating high-quality dairy proteins into food or beverages can be easy to do with a few simple culinary tips.

    Micellar Casein Protein Infographic Dairy Proteins Whey Protein Isolate
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