• Whey Proteins Provide Support During and After Egg Shortage

    By John Klees January 21, 2016

    eggreplacer.jpgThe avian influenza virus forced food and beverage manufacturers to find egg alternatives due to egg shortages and price spikes. As concerns subdue, egg substitution lives on to meet emerging trends and growing demands. Susan Larson explains how U.S. whey proteins are a nutritional, cost effective and sustainable egg replacer.

    The January 2016 Dairy Detective column from Dairy Foods magazine highlights the obstacles associated with substituting eggs and what is needed for a successful replacement. Because eggs contribute important qualities in many applications, such as bakery, sauces, soups, meat and fish, replacers need to be carefully calculated to ensure needed functionalities carry over during re-formulation. These more detailed guidelines on using whey protein as an egg replacer can also be found on ThinkUSAdairy.org.

    U.S. whey proteins give food and beverage manufacturers the ability to alter their formulas to easily align with the needs of a variety of applications. The benefits of utilizing whey proteins are extensive. There are multiple whey proteins with differentiating qualities that meet varying needs.

    For details on the types of whey proteins, their benefits and how they are formulated to replace eggs, download the Dairy Detective column.

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