• United States Cheese Wins Best in The World at 2016 WCCC

    By Angelique Hollister April 21, 2016

    WorldChampionshipCheeseContestLogo.jpgThe United States won nearly 75% of the medals awarded at the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest (WCCC), proving it can compete with the world’s best cheeses.

    Expert judges from 16 different countries critiqued 2,959 cheeses from 23 countries. Of these, only 11% won medals, which included 110 golds, 110 silvers and 110 bronzes. The United States impressed the judges and dominated the competition by winning 83 gold medals, 82 silver and 82 bronze.

    Following the United States, Switzerland came in second with nine gold and 20 total medals. Cheesemakers from Austria won 15 medals and Spain and The Netherlands won 14 each. France and Italy, often thought of as the world’s top cheese producers, did not place in this year’s competition.

    Over 150 different U.S. cheesemakers won recognitions; however, only one could take home the championship. For the first time since 1988, the United States took the title of World Champion. A smear-ripened hard cheese (a gruyère) named Roth Grand Cru Surchoix from Emmi Roth USA earned a score of 98.88 out of 100 and received the ultimate honor of being the best cheese in the world.

    Other American cheesemakers with medals included Southwest Cheese LLC with 13 awards, West Seneca Culture Division (8) and Tillamook County Creamery (7). The success at this competition shows how the U.S. cheese industry is dedicated to crafting a variety of high-quality cheeses to share with the world. The United States continues to earn its place among the top cheese making countries.

    Visit WorldChampionshipCheese.org for more information on the contest and our Cheese page to learn more about U.S. cheeses and what they can offer.

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