• U.S. Dairy’s Sustainable Future

    By Kara McDonald May 24, 2016

    Sustainability-awards.jpgNine dairy farms, businesses and partnerships were recognized at the fifth annual U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards on May 11. The judges, composed of experts throughout the dairy community, evaluated the nominees’ sustainability practices based on their economic, environmental and community impact.

    The U.S. dairy industry is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability with the ultimate goal of: Healthy People. Healthy Planet. Healthy Communities. The winners represent what the U.S. dairy industry strives for. These farms successfully address waste and nutrient management, food insecurity, water quality protection, energy efficiency, cow nutrition and manure repurpose to improve the well-being of consumers, communities and animals.

    These advances allow the United States to deliver dairy ingredients, such as cheese, permeate, powders and proteins, that are nutrient-rich, tasteful and steeped in health benefits. Their initiatives have inspired others in the dairy community to implement similar processes or encouraged the creation of their own sustainable solutions.

    For more information on the role dairy plays in a healthy, sustainable diet, register for the Midwest Dairy Council’s webinar on the role of dairy in a sustainable food system, June 16 at 11 a.m. The webinar will discuss:

    • How to encourage the consumption of dairy foods that use smaller amounts of production resources to reduce environmental impact
    • How dairy can enhance the nutritional value of peoples’ diets and reduce dietary-related illnesses
    • How to influence consumer behavior regarding food waste
    Click here to read about the award winners and their dedication to sustainability. Visit ThinkUSAdairy.org for more information on the health benefits of U.S. dairy.

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