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    By John Klees May 4, 2017

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    Follow ThinkUSAdairy on LinkedIn for market and consumer insights, conveniently listed in your newsfeed. The page highlights Dairy Spotlight posts that focus on consumer perception and how dairy ingredients can help food and beverage products thrive in the modern market.

    Are you looking to increase your LinkedIn engagement and presence? By following us, you will not only have access to resources that could help your products, but you can also easily access content specific to you. This includes:

    • Content personalized to your needs throughout the year with constant updates and ideas aimed to correlate with your product development schedule.
    • Thought starters to revamp or introduce new products that solve consumer concerns and give your foods or beverages unique qualities using ingredients derived from a trusted source, milk.
    • Conversation with and questions answered by dairy industry experts and professionals who are available at every step of development and exploration.
    • Must read articles and news updates that keep you knowledgeable and aware.

    Follow us and reap the rewards of staying in-the-know about all things dairy and a new perspective on the industry. Be the one in the room who knows what dairy is and what it can do for you.

    Click here to follow us and here to subscribe to Dairy Spotlight. Don’t forget to tag us, @ThinkUSAdairy when referencing or interreacting with USDEC. Connect with you soon!

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