• U.S. Dairy Making Its Mark with Student Innovators

    By Nina Halal March 29, 2016

    Enthusiastic_Students.jpgThe opportunities for innovation with U.S. whey ingredients truly are infinite when creativity and imagination combine to craft new flavors and textures with commercial appeal. Unleashing young, emerging talents from around the world can unlock the potential of U.S. dairy to meet global consumer trends.  

    This point was made abundantly clear at two USDEC-sponsored student competitions in Egypt that required entrants to tap into the benefits of U.S. whey ingredients, including whey protein and whey permeate. One competition, hosted by Ain Shams University in Cairo, focused on creating a dairy beverage, while the other, hosted by Alexandria University in Alexandria, featured snacks that incorporated these high quality U.S. whey ingredients.

    Thirty-four groups entered the two contests combined, demonstrating the enthusiasm behind innovating with U.S. Dairy.

    “The next generation of Egyptian food and beverage manufacturing was on full display,” says Nina Bakht Halal, director of USDEC’s Middle East office. “These competitions featured an extensive collection of extremely gifted individuals who understand and appreciate how U.S. whey ingredients can be used to meet consumer demands in the MENA region.”

    2.jpgProduct submissions ran the gamut of beverage and snacking innovation. From a nougat- and peanut-infused beverage to a chocolate ball featuring wheat bran, mint and hazelnuts, the range of entrees showcased the ability of U.S. whey ingredients to blend with a variety of ingredients to produce formulations with wide-ranging commercial appeal.

    Ultimately, the beverage competition was won by a three-person group that used local market research to develop Carameló, a beverage combining WPC80 and whey permeate with caramel and nuts for a tasteful and nutritious dessert.

    The snacking competition was won by a group that created Wheyoo Chips, a healthier take on an existing delicacy. This version merged WPC80 with global ethnic flavors to target audiences of all ages.


    Visit our Using Dairy page for applications and formulations using U.S. dairy ingredients.

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