• U.S. Dairy Leaders Reinforce Commitment to Mexican Market

    By Vikki Nicholson-West March 16, 2017

    Vilsack-in-Mexico2.jpgThe leaders of three major U.S. dairy organizations: US Dairy Export Council, National Milk Producers Federation and International Dairy Foods Association, traveled to Mexico to reinforce industry commitment to the Mexican market. U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) President and CEO Tom Vilsack affirmed and celebrated the U.S. dairy industry’s mutually beneficial partnership with Mexico when he spoke to the National Dairy Forum in Mexico City on March 15. The annual forum is organized by the Mexican Federation of Milk Producers (Femeleche) to bring together Mexican dairy industry leaders, farmers and government officials.

    Vilsack emphasized the U.S. Dairy industry’s steadfast commitment to helping the dairy and food industries in Mexico and the United States thrive collectively through continuous collaboration and ongoing innovation.

    Vilsack reassured the audience of Mexican dairy leaders and customers that the relationship between the two industries will remain strong.

    Mexico marks Vilsack’s first international trip since becoming President and CEO of USDEC in February 2017 and comes during a time of political uncertainty on both sides of the border. Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) went into effect in 1994, U.S. dairy exports to Mexico have more than quadrupled to $1.2 billion. That makes Mexico the U.S. dairy industry’s No. 1 export market, accounting for nearly one-fourth of all U.S. dairy exports last year.

    “We have been, with Mexico, growing the Mexican market to the benefits of both Mexican producers and industry as well as U.S. producers and industry in good and in bad times,” said Vilsack. “Modernization of NAFTA must be about a win-win for both the United States and Mexico.”

    U.S. dairy suppliers’ diverse lineup includes a dynamically broad portfolio of cheeses and a robust year-round supply of multifunctional whey and milk powder ingredients. 

    The consumption of dairy products in Mexico remains below the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) recommendations, opening the door for growth in tasty, healthy and innovative products that include dairy. Industry leaders representing U.S. Dairy interests assured forum attendees that its dynamic network of suppliers and facilities will continue offering this wide product selection while also sharing nutrition and product research insights to collectively increase demand for dairy.

    The U.S. dairy industry also pledged to work side-by-side with the Mexican dairy producer and industry communities in Mexico to successfully deliver an increase in demand for dairy products. This will be done through collaboration and specific programs, such as providing support to Mexican producers, as well as introducing innovative foods and beverages to the market that can meet Mexico’s ever-evolving consumer demands and nutritional needs.

    Innovation resources are available at ThinkUSAdairy.org.

    The full press release is available at USDEC.org.

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