• U.S.Dairy Innovation Conference Provides Ingredient Insights to aGlobal Audience

    By USDEC Staff September 16, 2015

    Food and beverage formulators and processors from China, Egypt, Mexico, Taiwan, Vietnam and the United States recently got the opportunity to explore how U.S. cheese and dairy ingredients can produce original, innovative products that appeal to a wide-range of consumers.

    The U.S. Dairy Export Council®, together with the United Dairymen of Idaho (UDI), just completed a forum exploring these advancements at the first U.S. Dairy Innovation Conference held in Boise, Idaho, Sept. 9-10. Global experts led a variety of educational sessions demonstrating how to easily integrate dairy ingredients to meet marketplace demands.

    The speakers shared their knowledge on specific dairy advancements within global growth areas: dairy proteins, milk powder and cheese, and dairy coproducts. 

    • Dairy proteins: As healthy lifestyle needs evolve, key areas such as high protein dairy, energy fusion beverages and clean labeling are fueling sales. Experts demonstrated how U.S. dairy proteins are meeting these growth segments, presenting on marketplace trends, whey protein research, implementing dairy proteins in product applications, nutritional benefits and the role milk and whey ingredients play in food aid.
    • Milk powder and cheese: Experts shared the characteristics and quality of different types of milk and whey powders and how they can help achieve the best formulations possible. They also shared the parameters around process cheese as they can be manufactured in several forms for a variety of functions. The session ended with an interactive presentation on Cheddar cheese flavor.
    • Coproducts: Experts also dove into the high volume of dairy coproducts, focusing on the unique functional advantages of permeate and whey phospholipid concentrates to help reduce sodium, reduce cost and replace eggs. They also discussed opportunities to utilize dairy coproducts in Asian cuisine and the plans to improve safety practices and traceability in the dairy industry. 

    Global attendees also had the opportunity to view the commitment of the U.S dairy farmers to safe, efficient milk production practices by participating in a farm tour following the conference.

    SunRidge Dairy, consisting of four dairy operations, each owned and managed by family members, graciously hosted the tour. The visitors experienced the Nampa, ID location which employs about 36 people and milks 3,000 cows, three times a day, through a double 45 parallel milking parlor. This facility ships about 265,000 pounds of milk daily where it is processed into cheese.

    SunRidge Group maintains strict guidelines and compliance regarding animal welfare with employees receiving regular training for their specific work responsibilities as well as animal welfare practices. This dairy exemplifies the continuing efforts of U.S. dairy farmers to serve high quality products to a world stage.

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