• The Real Story Behind Protein Providing Energy

    By Kara McDonald May 6, 2016

    Protein_and_Energy_graphic.pngConsumers have many reasons to crave protein. One common and understandable perception featured by nutrition research specialist Mickey Rubin on DairyGood is that an energy boost is near the top of the list. However, while protein offers many benefits, energy is not foremost among them.

    There are many possibilities as to why consumers feel more awake after consuming protein-rich foods and beverages, including:

    • Weight management: Having a high-protein diet helps manage weight because it increases the feeling of fullness (satiety). Sources say protein is even more successful at contributing to satiety than an equal amount of calories from carbohydrate or fat. Consumers may be confusing this feeling of fullness with energy.
    • Workout enhancement: High-quality proteins, specifically whey protein, can help speed up the muscle repair process after exercise. By continuously consuming whey protein throughout the day, muscle synthesis increases to improve muscle strength and to reduce muscle damage. Consumers may think their improved workout performance and faster recovery is from heightened energy.
    • Decreases sugar intake: DairyGood reported that consuming whey protein before a meal resulted in a smaller blood sugar increase. If consumers balance their protein intake with specific carbohydrates, or increase their whey protein intake, it may help avoid large sugar intake and, therefore, decrease the feeling of tiredness.

    U.S. dairy proteins (milk and whey) are among the highest-quality proteins available because they are a complete source of all essential amino acids.. Whey protein specifically is one of the best sources of branched-chain amino acids, and a leading source of leucine. It has a high digestibility rate to aid in exercise recovery and weight management — outcomes that may trick the brain into thinking it’s more energized.

    For more information on the benefits and formulation properties of dairy protein, visit www.ThinkUSAdairy.org.

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