• Support New Year’s Resolutions with U.S. Dairy

    By John Klees December 31, 2015

    NY-Resolutions.jpgStudies show that three of the top five most popular New Year’s resolutions are related to health and wellness. Each year, many people vouch to lose weight, eat healthier or exercise more. In 2016, support consumers by innovating with U.S. dairy to make these resolutions easier to achieve.

    Dairy ingredients can be easy to use in a variety of applications and contain the benefits needed to jumpstart a healthier year. With these ingredients, consumers can still consume the foods and beverages they love while achieving successful resolutions. So, encourage consumers to aim high and choose one of the following resolutions supported by U.S. Dairy.  

    Manage weight with a higher protein diet  

    Inform consumers that managing weight doesn’t mean eliminating the foods they crave, but rather, eating foods with the right ingredients. The ingredient this resolution needs is high-quality protein. One of the best sources for high quality, complete proteins are U.S. dairy proteins.

    So entice consumers to up their protein intake with easy ways to consume it. Eating a higher protein diet has been shown to aid in weight management through increasing the feeling of fullness or satiety and, in turn, curbing hunger cravings and contributing to reduced consumption of calories.

    Fulfill customers’ desire for clean labels

    Many consumers look beyond product packaging claims to the labels on the back. Healthy eating has evolved and consumers expect brands to be transparent about how foods and beverages are formulated.

    This year, incorporate U.S. dairy to achieve a clean label and more specifically, use it to reduce sodium. The demand for low-sodium products has increased due to associated health risks. U.S. permeate acts as a salt replacement that doesn’t take away from the taste and is packed with minerals.

    A more unfamiliar tactic is the use of U.S. cheese. There are a variety of U.S. cheeses naturally low in sodium and a range of reduced-sodium cheese options. Cheese meets many consumer trends and can be used in new ways and flavors that appeal to consumers.

    Exercise smarter with whey proteins

    Consumers flooding the gym in 2016 can benefit from protein products. U.S. whey proteins can do more than help manage weight, they also can maintain muscle health. Whey proteins can reduce soreness after exercise and can speed up recovery by improving strength, reducing muscle damage and bettering performance.

    Consuming foods and beverages with whey proteins may increase lean body mass while decreasing body fat. Whey proteins also can be formulated in ways consumers’ desire, such as on-the-go snacks or sport drinks, because convenience is a must in assisting consumers with their 2016 goals.

    Opportunities continue to rise for formulators to use U.S. Dairy in different forms for people to throughout the day. So when consumers make their first grocery trip in the new year, make sure your products are ready to meet their needs!

    Visit our Formulas & Recipes page for more information on formulating with U.S. permeate, cheese and whey proteins. Happy New Year!

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