• Simplify Ingredient Labels with Dairy

    By Kara McDonald July 12, 2016

    MarchDairyDetective.jpgFood and beverage brands are revisiting their formulas to pin-point undesirable ingredients. Now that clean label has become an industry focus, manufacturers are eliminating chemical-sounding or unrecognizable ingredients from their products. Susan Larson explains how the nutrition and familiarity of dairy makes it a reliable alternative to unwanted ingredients.

    The March 2016 Dairy Detective column, from Dairy Foods magazine, highlights that consumers look for ingredient lists that are short and recognizable. According to Innova Market Insights, a quarter of U.S. consumers pay close attention to nutrition claims and ingredient lists when shopping for foods and beverages. Manufacturers can attract these ingredient-conscience consumers by using dairy ingredients to replace hydrogenated fats, chemical emulsifiers and less clean-label friendly carbohydrates.

    U.S. dairy ingredients can be used in bakery, beverages, desserts, soups, sauces, prepared meals and dairy products. Dairy ingredients also have a range of formulation benefits, such as browning, water binding, sodium reduction and added nutrition to help create clean and reliable formulations. Access our Technical Report for more information on dairy solutions for Clean Label.

    For details on dairy ingredient options, their health and nutritional benefits, and formulation tips, visit ThinkUSAdairy.org. Visit our Resources & Insights section of the website to download the article.

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