• ‘Raise a Glass’ in Celebration of World Milk Day

    By John Klees June 1, 2017

    Today is World Milk Day, so join USDEC and 30 countries around the world in celebration and ‘raise a glass’ to milk and the many nutritious and delicious benefits that dairy can offer! World Milk Day has been celebrated worldwide since 2001 and is meant to shine a spotlight on the nutrition and economic importance of milk and other dairy products.

    Milk is a nutrient-dense food source and can provide many vital nutritional benefits. Milk and dairy ingredients are a significant source of protein, calcium and many other essential vitamins and minerals, as seen in the infographic below. And dairy’s nutritional benefits are for everyone: from supplying energy for athletes, helping reduce hunger and malnutrition in vulnerable populations to growing and maintaining strong bones and healthy muscles in children and seniors.


    The U.S. dairy industry is uniquely positioned to provide these important nutritional benefits to the world. Our 42,000 dairy farms with 9.3 million cows net the world's largest single-country producer of cow's milk, cheese, butter, skim milk powder and whey ingredients! American dairy farmers are committed to providing global markets with nutritious, healthy and quality dairy products and show this dedication each day through providing top-notch care for their animals and leading the way in stewardship for the environment. In ongoing efficiencies and improvements, one gallon of milk today is produced on U.S. farms using 90% less land, 65% less water, and a 63% smaller carbon footprint than in 1944!

    undeniably-dairy.jpgAnd dairy’s strengths don’t end with just nutrition, it’s also spells enjoyment! Though milk is iconic around the world, other dairy products have nearly endless application uses; from cheese and whey to yogurt and milk proteins, the possibilities for a nutritious and delicious meal or snack with dairy are bountiful. World Milk Day also kicks off June Dairy Month in the United States by celebrating a new Undeniably Dairy campaign that rekindles consumers love and trust for dairy. For more details, visit https://dairygood.org/undeniably-dairy

    Food and beverage manufacturers can visit ThinkUSAdairy.org for more recipe and formulation ideas and to discover the many other benefits that ingredients from U.S. milk can provide!

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