• Protein Growth Among Innova’s Top 10 Trends of 2016

    By John Klees December 2, 2015

    Innova-Market-Insights.jpgProtein-containing foods and beverages will continue to multiply, according to Innova Market Insight’s recently released forecast of the  Top 10 Trends of 2016.

    Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insight’s Director of Innovation, reported on a webinar held November 24, 2015, that product introductions with a protein positioning are becoming mainstream, moving beyond products for athletes. Baby food, baked goods, cereals, dairy, ready meals and snacks all experienced upticks in percentage of global product launches with a protein claim from 2014 to 2015. Cereals are setting the pace with nearly 16% of their global product launches featuring a protein claim.

    As protein appeals to different consumers for various reasons, sports nutrition brands are also looking for ways to expand their product offerings. In addition to high protein content, these brands are focusing on flavor variation, shifting from unflavored launches to significantly increasing the number of flavored products.

    Other trends with dairy implications include:

    • Clear Label Surges: The “clean eating” trend has inspired a back to basics approach in product development and dairy ingredients are integral to providing functionality for formulations while bringing easy label recognition
    • The “Flexitarian” Effect: Consumers are reducing their meat intake and are regularly seeking alternatives, extending the phrase “Meatless Monday”. Now, a variety of foods are acting as a meat substitute, including grilled cheese, which has been used to create hot dogs. Check out Moofu Meatballs, meatless meatballs made with high-quality U.S. dairy protein.
    • Green Light for Vegetables: Because consumers want their daily amount of vegetables, but without the bland flavor, brands are offering easier, tasteful ways to consume vegetables, including vegetable-flavored yogurt.
    • Creating a “Real” Link: Consumers get satisfaction in knowing where foods and beverages originate. In response, brands are becoming transparent and creating products with natural ingredients. The number of product launches tracked with a claim almost tripled from 2011 to 2015.
    • The Indulgence Alibi: Consumers who can’t help but indulge are looking to aid their conscience. Permissible indulgence happens when consumers justify what they eat. They want indulgent products to have natural ingredients that provide benefits. For example, bite-sized yogurt drops that offers milk protein.
    • Tastes for New Experiences: Consumers are acquiring fearless palates, which are demanding new and bolder flavors. Brands are introducing flavors and textures that are more authentic and adventurous. In 2015, texture claims became more prominate around the globe. Dairy ingredients are natural ingredients that offer a variety of pleasing textures across multiple products.  

    For more inspiring and informative ways to use dairy to meet trends, visit our resources and insights page. For more information on the Top 10 Trends of 2016, check out Innova Market Insights' webinar.

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