• Innovate for Millennials with U.S. Dairy Ingredients

    By USDEC Staff February 24, 2016

    Symposium-logo.jpgFood scientist and editor Donna Berry recently presented on the endless possibilities of innovating with dairy ingredients at the 18th Annual Dairy Ingredients Symposium. 

    According to a report from MarketsAndMarkets, the global dairy ingredients market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.6% from 2015 to 2020. This market stability is promising for global manufacturers looking to add impressionable value to their products. The nutrition, functionality and flavor offered by U.S. dairy ingredients allows optimum room for creative formulating, which is important in today’s consumer market.

    As Berry explained, many modern day households are getting smaller, and each member wants to be recognized. Children are growing up with technology that enables them to stay connected and personally interact with their favorite brands. Millennials were among the first to experience this shift and now are influencing how many products are introduced to the market and promoted.  

    Berry said that by 2030, millennials will be the largest age group within the population. It is important to know that millennials think of eating as an experience and have already encouraged bolder, more complex flavors and convenient, healthier options in the food and beverage industry.

    As millennials’ preferences evolve and technology enhances, brands are expected to adapt. Those who react fast and on trend resonate best with millennials and this may only intensify with following generations. Berry then shared examples of how dairy ingredients can match the changing needs of food and beverage formulators to meet consumer demands across a variety of eating occasions.

    U.S. dairy ingredients, specifically whey and milk protein concentrate and isolates, add protein to a variety of attractive applications. Protein is a desired nutrient because of its health benefits and millennials look for this added value in food and beverages to better intermingle their desired diet with their current and future lifestyles.

    Millennials are likely to pass their eating habits to their children. Dairy proteins can be formulated to meet the desired tastes, minerals and vitamins children need for proper growth and development. Whey and milk proteins give products the tools to attract an entire modern household.  

    For more information on the use of dairy ingredients in innovative products, check out BerryOnDairy.com. For more information on the formulation and benefits of U.S. dairy ingredients, visit ThinkUSADairy.org.

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