• Igniting Middle East Innovation with U.S. Dairy

    By USDEC Staff October 28, 2015

    In an increasingly competitive food and beverage marketplace, embracing innovation is vital for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. At the Gulfood Manufacturing show attendees are learning the advantages that U.S. dairy ingredients offer in propelling the launch of breakthrough new products and delivering value when reformulating product lines.

    Gulfood Manufacturing, taking place October 27-29 at the Dubai World Trade Center, is a spin-off of the long-successful Gulfood Show and is tailored for the food ingredient and processing industry across the Middle East region. Exhibiting within the U.S. Pavilion, the U.S. Dairy Export Council is highlighting the nutritional and functional advantages and usage versatility of U.S. dairy ingredients in adopting new ingredient solutions, from whey and milk proteins to milk powders and permeate.

    With the number of new products containing whey protein launched around the world growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.9% from 2010-2014, and new permeate product launches climbing at a 64.1% CAGR during the same period according to data from Innova Market Insights, Gulfood Manufacturing visitors learned how U.S. dairy ingredients can help power up their product development processes and accelerate growth trajectories across a wide range of applications.

    • Bakery: U.S. permeate, a cost-effective, sodium-reducing ingredient, contributes to the browning of baked goods, enhancing appearance while also imparting a pleasant caramelized flavor.  
    • Beverages: The addition of U.S. milk powders and dairy proteins provides drinks with high quality proteins and other valuable minerals and nutrients. U.S. milk powders are a valued source of soluble vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and can increase viscosity, help maintain foam stability and provide creamy dairy notes.
    • Confections: Dairy-based ingredients strike the balance needed to meet indulgent taste demands and enhance or maintain the sweet, savory taste profiles consumers want. Notably, icings, coatings and non-chocolate candies can use U.S. permeate to reduce sweetness while providing important crystallization characteristics.   
    • Health and Wellness: From better-for-you treats and meals to satiety boosting snacks and beverages, U.S. dairy proteins offer the triple package of health, flavor and functionality desired by manufacturers to keep on-trend with consumers’ desires to take charge of their health. U.S. dairy proteins also offer functional benefits such as clarity, emulsification, foaming, solubility, texture and flavor.

    To learn more about how the United States’ broad portfolio of multifunctional ingredients support innovation opportunities that suit ever-evolving consumer needs, visit http://www.thinkusadairy.org/food-and-beverage-manufacturing.

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