• High Quality Dairy Proteins’ Appealing Offerings

    By Kara McDonald November 22, 2016

    dairy-detective-october.jpgU.S. dairy proteins have a reputation as a key ingredient for sports nutrition products. Now, consumers are finding that dairy proteins can go beyond sports nutrition with a whole set of benefits that pertain to all ages and lifestyles. Susan Larson explains how the appeal of dairy proteins is expanding to offer benefits in several key trend areas in the latest Dairy Detective column from Dairy Foods magazine.

    The column explains that the quality, not just quantity, of protein consumed impacts the retention of important nutrients. U.S. dairy proteins, whey and milk, are among the highest-quality proteins available to manufacturers. High-quality protein is beneficial for a number of reasons, including versatility to be included in a wide-range of products.

    Consumers are improving their diets by avoiding sugary, high-calorie products, and sometimes want a boost of energy too. When combined with caffeine, dairy proteins provide a complete energy source that can result in a cleaner label. Dairy proteins also have a mild taste that blends well with traditional and untraditional flavors.

    Along with improved caffeinated products, consumers are turning to high-quality protein to maintain weight and aid in healthy aging. Dairy continues to be linked to better health outcomes, specifically related to obesity and preserving muscle mass with age. Eating a higher-protein diet has been shown to support weight management when paired with exercise, and preserve muscle with age by kick-starting muscle protein synthesis.

    For details on the types of dairy proteins, their benefits and how they can be incorporated in a variety of applications, download the Dairy Detective column, published in the October 2016 issue of Dairy Foods magazine.

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