• Infographic Illustrates Whey and Milk Protein’s Record-Breaking New Product Success

    By Kristi Saitama June 3, 2021

    The number and range of products powered with dairy protein ingredients continue to climb globally, providing ample opportunities for manufacturers to deliver the health and nutritional benefits of dairy to consumers in new, exciting and delicious ways. An analysis of tracking data from Innova Market Insights confirms this upward growth trajectory by revealing that global food and beverage product introductions made with whey proteins and with milk proteins set new records in 2020.


    As outlined in a new infographic, a record 7,409 whey protein products were introduced around the world in 2020, with annual launches nearly doubling from 2015. This represents a double-digit (13.9%) compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2015 to 2020, demonstrating that food formulators are tapping into these nutritional and functional ingredients to fuel innovations that deliver on consumer desires. Milk protein product launches also smashed prior year records, reaching 9,413 products in 2020, a 3.7% CAGR from 2015 to 2020. Combined milk and whey protein product introductions outpaced plant proteins in 2020 by over 3,000 products (17,652 dairy proteins, 14,584 plant proteins), maintaining a consistent lead held for the past decade.

    While dairy proteins are tracked across many different categories, sports nutrition led with a 36.9% share of new product launches using dairy protein in 2020. Baby & Toddlers came in second with 27.4% of 2020 new product launches, followed by Dairy (6.4%), Cereals (6.1%) and Bakery (5.8%). Additional key categories reflect broadening performance and strength across both traditional and novel end-use applications including Desserts & Ice Cream (4.3%), Snacks (2.4%), Confectionery (2.2%), Ready Meals & Side Dishes (2.2%) and Soft Drinks (1.9%).

    The data further revealed dairy protein usage is expanding and continuing to diversify globally, with 35.4% of whey protein new product introductions outside of Europe and North America, and one in five (21.2%) in Asia. The top five markets — United States, China, Germany, United Kingdom and Brazil — accounted for 40% of tracked 2020 introductions. On a country by country basis, the United States accounted for 16% of the 2020 whey protein food and beverage launches followed by China (8.2%), Germany (6.5%), the United Kingdom (5.6%) and Brazil (3.8%).

    Visit ThinkUSAdairy.org to download the infographic snapshot or view the full news release featuring whey and milk protein new product introduction data. Also follow our LinkedIn business page for further information on U.S. dairy protein nutrition and innovation opportunities.

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