• Pathways to a Sustainable Future Through U.S. Dairy

    By Keith Meyer April 26, 2021

    While the recent Earth Day celebration brings the health and wellbeing of our planet top of mind, today and every day, the U.S. dairy community is dedicated to feeding the world in a planet-friendly manner. Throughout the supply chain, from farmers to processors, U.S. Dairy is embracing practices that care for the environment and support sustainable food formulations.

    To feature some of the many efforts our suppliers take to deliver the value in milk to global customers, the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) has unveiled the first video in a new series: U.S. Dairy: Sustainability at the Heart of Global Ingredient Solutions.

    The U.S. dairy community has ambitious goals to become carbon neutral or better by 2050, and dedicated efforts by U.S. dairy suppliers like highlighted in the video are an important part of this sustainability journey. This unrelenting focus leverages the wholesomeness from every drop of milk to help drive innovation and nourishment around the world.

    Becoming carbon neutral is just one aspect. Customers can rest assured that as consumer interest in how foods are produced continues to grow, they can count on U.S. dairy farmers’ and processors’ commitment to being an environmental solution that can help feed and nourish the world’s growing population. Measures that reduce food waste and optimize water use are core aspects of this dedication. The production of whey protein is a great example of reducing food waste through upcycling, turning this co-product of cheese into a valuable functional and nutritional ingredient that meets consumers’ needs.

    Sustainable Ingredients Support Nutritious Innovation

    Sustainably feeding a growing global population depends on responsibly produced, nutritious food. Dairy's nutrient-rich package is recognized and recommended across the globe as an important part of well-rounded, healthy diets across life stages. U.S. dairy ingredients are efficient providers of essential nutrients and can play an important role in positive health outcomes.

    Functional dairy ingredients like whey and milk proteins can help support a variety of health and wellness benefits, including weight management and healthy aging, when added to any number of consumer-friendly applications. This versatility enables exciting opportunities to deliver on nutritional priorities and demands.

    Sustainable Ingredients have a Future-Proof Source

    U.S. dairy farmers have a legacy of responsible animal and resource stewardship marked by dedication to continuous improvement. Their progressive production and conservation practices help protect the planet now and for future generations.

    Visit ThinkUSAdairy.org/sustainability for more information on how these practices not only focus on the environment, but promote the health and well-being of consumers, communities, cows, employees, the planet and business.

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