• New Animated Video, Infographics Illustrate Permeate’s Rising Popularity as Versatile Food Ingredient

    By Kristi Saitama November 13, 2020


    With consumers continuing to demand better-for-you options across food and beverage categories, manufacturers are turning to dairy permeate as an attractive, multifunctional ingredient solution. Permeate’s growing popularity can be largely attributed to its versatility and cost effectiveness in delivering benefits such as flavor enhancement, nourishing minerals, sodium reduction and more.

    Download an infographic snapshot and watch the short animated video below (also available in Chinese here) to see how the number of new permeate product introductions around the world is climbing, how usage is diversifying across various categories, what is driving these shifts, and what are the future opportunities.  

    As highlighted in the video and infographic snapshot, an analysis of tracking data from the Innova Market Insights' Innova Database reveals that new product introductions containing permeate reached an all-time high of 531 products in 2019. This was up 11% over 2018 and double the number of introductions in 2015. And there's no sign of slowing down. Tracked new product introductions with permeate are up 14% globally in the first six months of 2020 vs. the first half of 2019.

    While permeate is used and tracked as an ingredient across many categories, bakery leads with a 28.2% share of new product launches using permeate in 2019, or one in four products launched. Confectionery ranks second at 15.1%, followed by hot drinks at 12.4%, dairy at 12.2% and snacks at 7.7%. These categories have all seen growth from 2014 to 2019.

    The data further revealed that permeate usage is expanding and diversifying globally, with launch share notably rising in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East as these regions discover the advantages of permeate. The geographic split for 2019 was exactly 50/50 with North America and Western Europe accounting for one-half and the rest of the world the remaining half. This contrasts with prior years where the majority of launches were in the early adopting regions of North America and Western Europe, specifically 58% in 2018 and 63% in 2015.

    Eager to jump-start innovation with permeate? The good news is that the United States leads the world in permeate production, accounting for about two-thirds of global production. About 523,200 metric tons of permeate was produced in the United States in 2019, up 16% from 2014. The United States also is home to world-leading permeate suppliers, including Proliant Dairy Ingredients which last month received the Tom Camerlo Exporter of the Year award presented by Dairy Foods magazine and sponsored by the U.S. Dairy Export Council. Proliant’s recently opened new plant in St. Johns, Michigan, features the world’s largest permeate drying facility, and significantly increases U.S. permeate supply capacity.

    To learn more on permeate nutrition, functionality and applications as well as to search our database of U.S. permeate suppliers, visit ThinkUSAdairy.org.

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