• U.S. Dairy Investments Pave the Way for Asia-Friendly Food Innovations

    By Kara McDonald June 8, 2018


    As consumers’ interest in health and wellness foods continues to climb, how to deliver nourishing products that are simultaneously delicious, enjoyable and convenient becomes a challenge and opportunity for food formulators. The U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) recently announced two innovation partnerships with leading institutions in China and Southeast Asia aimed at meeting the needs and desires of local consumers across life stages, from youth to adults to seniors. Memorandums of understanding have been signed with both Jiangnan University in Wuxi, China, as well as the Food Innovation and Resource Centre at Singapore Polytechnic, laying the groundwork for technical and scientific exchange and collaborative new product R&D to inspire the launch of new Asia-friendly products harnessing U.S. Dairy’s strength in functionality, versatility and nutrition. These agreements come at an opportune time to offer expanded healthful eating choices with U.S. Dairy to local consumers in these dynamic emerging markets seeking nutritional solutions for better health and wellness outcomes, such as healthy aging, weight management and exercise recovery.

    “We are excited to partner with these distinguished institutions to foster new product ideation and innovations together with U.S. dairy ingredients and cheese that are custom-tailored to Chinese and Southeast Asian consumers’ nutritional requirements and dietary preferences,” said Kristi Saitama, team leader for both China and Southeast Asia. “Ultimately, we strive to provide local food and beverage companies with successful product concepts and research solutions that drive their businesses forward.”

    As the popularity of Asian-inspired foods grows around the world, the new product concepts could ultimately have broadened appeal for global markets embracing fusion flavors and dishes.

    Visit ThinkUSADairy.org for more information about these partnerships and our commitment to meet the world’s ever-growing need for dairy products.

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