• Age Well, Not Age Frail: U.S. Nutrition Expert Highlights Dairy Proteins Benefits

    By Kristi Saitama May 25, 2018


    Nearly 150 participants from health and wellness-focused food and beverage companies in Japan attended a USDEC innovation seminar held in Tokyo May 17, 2018, where they learned how U.S. dairy proteins offer value in products targeting a variety of Japanese consumers, from the fitness-conscious to seniors.

    The keynote speaker, American sports nutrition expert Leslie Bonci, focused on living strong to live long—how building and maintaining muscle is more important for healthy aging than just being thin. Sharing data from a new study that suggests increasing the recommended daily allowance of protein for persons older than 19 years of age, Ms. Bonci emphasized protein quality matters. Because whey protein can optimize muscle protein synthesis in a portable, versatile, nonperishable and portioned way, every bite counts. 

    Attendees also heard from Japanese culinary expert Ms. Kanami Egami on how proteins from U.S. milk conveniently fit into everyday Japanese foods. For example, U.S. whey protein can be a staple on tables to sprinkle into home-cooked foods (similar to salt and pepper), but it also can be utilized as an ingredient in food and beverage products or packaged foods like soups, salad dressings, etc.

    According to a 2015 Japanese national nutrition survey, 20% of seniors 80–84 years old and 29% of seniors 85 years old+ have a malnutrition tendency (as measured by BMI under 20). To help bridge this protein gap, Ms. Egami showcased how U.S. whey protein works well in softer, more easily swallowable foods that seniors can and want to eat.

    The U.S. dairy industry offers a sustainably produced portfolio of high-quality, nutritional and functional dairy ingredients, making it easy for local food and beverage manufacturers to capitalize on market trends and create new, relevant products.

    Visit ThinkUSAdairy.org for more information on nutrition, trends and applications with U.S. dairy proteins.

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