• Food and Beverage Trends for 2018

    By Kara McDonald February 1, 2018

    2018 globe.pngAccording to Innova Market Insights, consumer perception based on packaging, ingredients, color, production journey, nutrition label and size will rule food and beverage developments in 2018. The U.S. dairy industry has a strong story to tell on the benefits that dairy brings including innovations that are truly nutritious, sustainable and delicious.

    Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insight’s director of innovation, led a webinar announcing its top 10 2018 trends. Last year, clean supreme topped the list as clean labels dominated new product developments. Topping this year’s list is a trend that represents mindful eating (mindful choices). Consumers want a holistic diet based on what they perceive as good food choices. They are choosing products that tackle environmental issues and address overall healthy lifestyles, including the mind and body.

    Three additional trends highlighted by Innova Market Insights and others:

    • Dining out and in: Foodservice and retail are blending. Hobby chefs are opening in-home experiences, lunch diners are appearing in stores and claims such as “restaurant quality” and “chef’s choice” are gaining popularity. These are offerings for consumers willing to pay for premium. In fact, young millennials and Gen Z have admitted willingness to pay more for quality.
    • From snacks to mini-meals: Snacks disrupted the traditional three meals a day and continue evolving. Mini-meals are now demanded for portion control and a balanced diet. This aligns with Mintel’s 2018 prediction of self-fulfilling practices. As schedules continue to intensify, Mintel states that flexible and wholesome diets will become integral lifestyle elements.
    • Bountiful choice: This trend is all about making small changes to target a wider audience. Consumers want a variety of options made for all ages and diet needs. Product lines that range in flavor, nutrition and packaging will resonate with more consumers. A few examples: portion control pouches, different blended flavors, less sugar, premium focus and a “younger” package.

    Each year, we highlight top 10 trends, and this year, consumer perceptions and behaviors have taken over. To learn more on how dairy ingredients offer viable solutions, check out the Dairy Foods article looking at how they align with clean label.

    Visit ThinkUSAdairy.org for more dairy formulation and innovation resources.

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