• Finding a U.S. dairy supplier is easier than ever before!

    By USDEC Staff February 17, 2016

    all_companies.pngThe U.S. Dairy Export Council launched, in 2015, a new website called ThinkUSAdairy.org intended to facilitate customer access to information and resources about the U.S. dairy industry. We are now excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Supplier Directory!

    The U.S. Dairy Supplier Directory has consistently been one of the most popular features on both our old and new websites and we are confident that the changes we’ve made will further our customers’ site experience. In addition to refreshing the look and feel of the directory to match our new website, we have also made a number of changes to facilitate the search process.

    The most exciting new aspect of the Supplier Directory is the ability for customers to now access to the contact details of the appropriate salesperson within our featured companies. Indeed, in addition to providing a company address and website, the new directory now also shows the name, direct phone number, email and sometimes mobile number of the salesperson in charge of selling a specific dairy product. Each company profile now also provides a short company description to showcase the depth and breadth of each company’s capabilities to supply global buyers.

    The search function has also been enhanced with more specific attributes which will generate more precise results to meet customers’ exact product needs. Furthermore, in addition to filtering searches by product and attribute, visitors can now directly look up U.S. dairy suppliers by company name. The company search function allows users to view, all at once, the complete range of U.S. dairy products a specific company offers along with key sales contacts.

    But that’s not all, the directory now also showcases service providers such as risk management professionals who can assist customers with mitigating their financial exposure when buying dairy products from the U.S. or logistical experts who can ship products to any destination.

    Locating a U.S. dairy supplier or service provider and building business relationships is now easier than ever! Don’t wait, start your search today!

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