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    By USDEC Staff September 2, 2015

    Security. Partnership. Growth. Those are the three pillars with which the U.S. dairy industry has built upon to become a global supplier of high quality dairy ingredients. They combine to form the backbone of an evolution that has allowed the U.S. dairy industry to feed consumers around the globe.

    And its evolution is far from complete. U.S. dairy is fully invested in being a long-term global supply and innovation partner that drives both domestic and international business forward. 

    Advantageous land and resources combine with modern and efficient farming practices to secure the United States’ position as the world’s largest producer of cow’s milk. In 2014, the United States boasted 9.3 million cows that produced 93.4 million metric tons of milk across 50,000 farms nationwide, from New York to California. Of that 93.4 million metric tons, 14.4 million metric tons will be turned into products sold overseas. 

    No country churns out milk more efficiently and in higher volumes than the United States. The average U.S. cow produces 10,100 kilograms of milk each year. This compares very favorably with other countries, as per-cow production is only 6,200 kilograms in the European Union, 5,700 kilograms in Australia and 4,300 kilograms in New Zealand.


    This extensive production has been put to good use, resulting in a world class portfolio of U.S. dairy products. Visit the Discover U.S. Dairy tab and check out the Industry Facts and Figures section for a collection of that offer not only product-specific highlights, but also feature the many resources available to help customers accelerate their success in the marketplace: 

    In addition to high quality products, the U.S. dairy industry has a bevy of various resources. The U.S. Dairy Export Council® (USDEC) has a around the world, including Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Latin America.

    When it comes time to find a U.S. dairy product, visit the Supplier Directory for an interactive database of ingredients, attributes and certifications available.

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