• Consumers’ Evolving Wish List for U.S. Dairy

    By Kara McDonald October 7, 2016

    Donna_Korea-Presentation_Photo.jpgThe U.S. dairy industry has continuously harnessed its innovation ingenuity to adapt to shifts in the consumer and market landscape, turning them into new product opportunities. Food scientist, editor and marketer Donna Berry, founder of BerryonDairy.com recently presented on what consumers are seeking from dairy-based foods and beverages.

    At the U.S. Dairy Ingredient Outlook Seminar in Seoul, Korea on September 28, attendees heard three main points stand out on the evolving consumers’ wish list:

    1. Every member of the household wants to be recognized as unique, with products tailored to their distinct needs and desires.
    2. Millennials eat based on experiences rather than sustenance, but as they enter parenthood, nutrition becomes more important.
    3. Consumer’s increasing familiarity with dairy and dairy ingredients is contributing to growing household consumption of real foods.

    U.S. dairy protein foods can deliver on each of these traits.

    Influx of dairy protein-based foods

    As Berry points out, increasing awareness of health and wellness, opportunity for growth in applications and development innovations are major market drivers for U.S. dairy ingredients in the food and beverage industry.  This is causing an influx of dairy protein-based foods, which younger consumers reaching adulthood are taking notice to. As they age and become parents, teaching the next generation the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet is becoming a main focus.

    Nurturing the generation Z

    Many millennials grew up with the freedom to customize menu options, order through multiple mediums and pick up orders at chosen times right at their fingertips. With technology at the base of customizable access, this trend is likely to transition to generation Z. Millennials will expect this level of personalization for their kids but with healthier, enjoyable alternatives they largely lacked as adolescents.

    Passing on the demand for real food

    Parents today encourage their children to consume cleaner, more nutritious foods and beverages. Now that more consumers know the benefits of dairy proteins, children are given high-protein options instead of sugary or carbonated products. Thanks to this expanding knowledge and supply of dairy proteins, generation Z has the opportunity to grow up with a whole new appreciation for and understanding of cuisine.

    According to Berry, parents like dairy because it’s nutritious, delicious and simple. Since dairy products and dairy proteins are perceived as wholesome, expect to see these products in more kid-specific foods and beverages. Dairy protein ingredients are the highest quality of all protein sources, plus they offer additional health and formulation benefits. These include satiety, muscle development, digestive health, and the presence of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

    The U.S. dairy industry offers its global customers the supply security to incorporate dairy ingredients into their child-focused products. To learn more about the benefits of U.S. dairy proteins and how to formulate them into your products, visit ThinkUSADairy.org

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