• Chefs in Dubai Discover U.S. Cheese

    By USDEC Staff November 7, 2013

    With the objective of expanding U.S. cheese usage in the Emirati foodservice sector, USDEC conducted a U.S. Cheese Culinary Conference in Dubai on November 6. The event attracted 59 UAE-based chefs for a full-day of interactive instruction.

    Culinary cheese experts from the United States discussed how to capitalize on cheese trends to build restaurants' bottom lines. Demonstrations showed foodservice techniques for a broad spectrum of cheeses, from soft and fresh to hard and aged.

    Practical presentations also explored the makeup of a classic cheeseboard, with lessons on choosing, portioning and artfully displaying cheeses. Finally, at an evening gala reception, participants experienced firsthand the culinary magic of cheese and beverage pairings.

    USDEC Events Cheese United Arab Emirates Middle East/North Africa
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