• Breadth and Quality of U.S. Dairy is a Match for Vibrant Southeast Asian Market

    By USDEC Staff April 17, 2015

    Southeast Asia's regionally integrated, thriving food manufacturing and foodservice industries are driving an increasing need for dairy ingredients and cheese. The U.S. dairy industry has led the world in milk production growth for a decade and has triple the production of New Zealand and Australia. This enables the United States to help fulfill the needs of global food and beverage manufacturers and foodservice operators to help drive their businesses forward.

    On April 16 and 17, the U.S. Dairy Export Council hosted the U.S. Dairy Business Conference in Singapore, attracting 153 registrants to network with 24 U.S. supplier companies. The event raised awareness among foodservice operators and food and beverage manufacturers to the plethora of flavorful and functional ingredients and cheeses available to them. Attendees representing 10 countries connected with U.S. dairy suppliers to gain actionable insights on global market trends and product developments driving worldwide demand for dairy.

    An April 17 news release shares more about the growing region, as well as conference highlights.

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